Boo your friends for Halloween

Boo your friends for Halloween

Why stop at April Fool’s Day when you can enjoy all of October?

Yesterday, we were booed for the first time this year. No, we didn’t get booed off stage from a performance; we were tricked by some close friends! They made candied apples and left them on our front porch table, then knocked and quickly drove away. They even left a sign that informed us that we had been “Booed!” by them!

If you’ve never booed anyone—or been booed before—for Halloween, this is a great time to get started. You can Boo! any way you want, whether it’s by using a sweet surprise like this example or playing practical jokes on your friends. I absolutely love practical jokes—everyone hates me during April Fool’s—and really enjoy going that route for sure.

A fun place to start your Booing process is Five Below, a new store that we checked out recently. Everything is $5 and below, and though you can find many of the items even cheaper at other stores, the place has a really great section of practical joke stuff. We bought an egg that’s shaped like a bouncy ball, but when you throw it, it looks like a splattered egg all over the floor. It’s really cool, economical, and a great joke that won’t hurt anyone (not even a chicken!). They have lots of other classics, too, from trick gum to whoopee cushions. They also have lots of Halloween stuff in now.

Another wonderful place to check out great Boo ideas is Ellen Degeneres’s show. The woman knows how to play a practical joke, and many of them are scary! Click here for some favorites. Even if you decide that you don’t want to pull off any pranks of your own, you will laugh so hard from just watching these that it will be worth it!

To Boo everyone, you could go out in public wearing a costume for the day. That would be a lot of fun, especially if it’s scary—though I don’t recommend doing this around children. You could always be something funny, too, like Gumby or an animal or something. Be sure to stay in character!

Another thing you can do is something that we recently did, which is buying a fake arm from the Dollar Store and adhering it to your trunk as if a body is trapped inside. Ours came with blood on it, but you can opt for it or not, of course.