September 2019

Nuclear Weapons 696 - Congressional Hearings Reveal Problems With New Nuclear Weapons Development

     The Trump administration has bragged about the development and deployment of new more powerful and accurate nuclear weapons to expand the U.S. arsenal. Now the Senate Appropriation Committee wants the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) to carry out an investigation into technical problems that are plaguing U.S. nuclear weapons programs.

Laura Grace Weldon is Poet of the Year

If you're a fan of the book Free Range Learning, you already know a bit about Laura Grace Weldon. It's one of my favorite books about learning and unschooling/homeschooling in general, and it's a great read for any parent. If you don't already follow her blog, it's another wonderful resource that we've used many times over the years for fun learning ideas, often of the whimsical and even silly variety. Do any of them and you're bound to make memories.

It's The Real Deal

There's been a big trend to modify Stephen King adaptations lately, and while most of these attempts have fallen flat, It: Chapter 2 is the real deal. (Spoilers ahead.) Its modifications, like Bill's attempt to save a child, actually make sense and deepen the movie without totally changing King's meaning, and it's even more loyal to the book than its 1990s predecessor. While it's not 100% true to the book, the changes maintain the book's integrity and actually further elucidate both meaning and character development. I have to say, this may be my favorite adaptation of King's horror works.

Pink Asks For Day Without Criticizing Others

Pink is one of the best role models as far as celebs go. She embraces every supposed "flaw" on her body, defends herself, sends shout-outs to her kids and really promotes positive body image. Now she's promoting general positivity and kindness between human beings by asking for a simple thing: to go a day without criticizing anyone, specifically on the Internet.