September 2019

Best Fairytale Adaptations

Changing up old fairytales into new versions of their stories--often resulting in complete changes to the characters themselves--is all the rage, and I absolutely love it. I remember the first time I heard authors were messing with The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and even Jane Austen works, I was furious, but then I realized that most of our stories are only retold versions of the same stories over and over again, and I've loved many versions of the same tale all my life!

One Last Tropical Taste Of Summer!

Summer's almost over, and while fall is my favorite season and I'm definitely ready for it, I have to say that I always miss the summer flavors and scents. Watermelon is one of the best tastes of summer, so this watermelon-lime cooler is the perfect drink to relax with this weekend during one of the final weekends of summer 2019. It's super easy to make and features one of my favorite ingredients: mint!

Spirit Shop Will Help You Look Your 80s Best

Spirit Halloween stories are popping up like mushrooms after a storm and I, for one, am here for it. It's my favorite time of year and I love to see the new props, gadgets, decor and of course, costumes. This year there are some really retro Stranger Things costumes that will take your 80s game up to a whole new level, especially if you don't have anything in your house from the first time the 80s were a hit!

DIY Popsicles

Popsicles make me so nostalgic. How about you? I used to love chasing the ice cream truck with my dollar. I loved getting snow-cones, bomb pops, all kinds of goodies. Creamy popsicles were more expensive, but my parents would sometimes get them in bulk to have at home and OH that was a special day! 

Emma Watson Is The Best

Emma Watson is a champion of women's rights, not only because she's a staunch feminist who fights for the cause every day, but because she is always learning, doing the work, correcting herself and really progressing in her activsim. She seems to always be doing something to improve the world, and recently she launched a hotline for women who are harassed in the workplace. The hotline is free, and it offers legal advice to women who need it.

Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams

Jay Blakesberg has a new book coming out called Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams, and the photographer says that this photography book will release on October 15. John Mayer wrote the forward to the book, and Dave Schools, David Gans and Trixie Garcia all also wrote bits. According to Blakesberg, the book will chronicle Garcia's life from the middle of his career until the end of his life.

Unique Mental Health Treatment Ideas

While this is obviously not the blog of a doctor and not ever meant to be medical advice, and you should talk to your own doctor before trying any treatments, this story about a woman who needed help getting away from cutting herself is an interesting one. Her therapist suggested drawing on herself instead, which makes sense; how many of us have drawn on ourselves to deal with anxiety? I know I have, especially while in school.